International project on kindergartens

Nonviolent Education is the goal of an ongoing international project – “Sustainable Approaches to Peace Education & Violence Prevention in Kindergartens (2007-2010)”

Peace education and sustainable approaches to conflict resolution in kindergartens.” .
The first phase with the aim to compare the policies and needs concerning peace-education in preschools in different European countries has been done.
Six European countries take part in this project: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland and Sweden. In each country worked one or two preschools together with a research-institution. The first phase contained an explorative pilot study. The research – based on literature-analysis, interviews, observations and questionnaires is completed and you can read more about the continuation of the project at

From Sweden the Univercity of Halmstad, Ängbybarnens preschools in Bromma and Marianne Göthlin from the Swedish NVC Association (representing the practice of Nonviolent Communication, NVC, as one of approaches and methods that could support this area of education) take part in the project. Ängbybarnens preschools have been implementing NVC for some years and recently received the Stockholm City Council recognition award for quality work in their preschools. Read more about the work that lead to the award here: