Feed-back on the topic of being “a perfect parent”

After my recent workshop in Portugal I got encouraging feed-back from Suzana Caldeira.

“Thanks for the insights and the tools that you have shared with us. I noted a change in the way I’m relating to my children. When I connect in such a way, I feel more aware not only of the other but of myself.

The first day after the workshop I was really happy, Now, I feel a bit sad, like if I was saying goodbye to something that has been with me for so long, and for so long I thought it served a purpose: I’m talking about an obligation behavior that I have had: “To have to be and show that I’m a perfect mother, even when I don’t know what to do”.

Now I accept whatever comes from this new behavior of accepting “not knowing everything”, and I feel sad with my old self, and happy for the new results in connecting.”