NVC in Lightness and Depth, Belgium

10 days of deepened NVC training spit in 4 training occasions during 2021, with Corrylaura Van Bladel and Marianne Göthlin. Dates:  3-4 June 2021, 10-12 September 2021, 26-28 November 2021, and two additional days to be decided with the group https://blablavorming.be/cursus/deepening/

Simple and yet not easy – NVC deepening practice online

Keys to enjoy your own powerful voice and contribute to empathic dialogue 2 weekend workshops - 4 days of training with the same group and trainers Gabriele Grunt and Marianne Göthlin This is an invitation to those of you who already know NVC and would like to practice more in a supportive environment.  For many

NVC Sommardagar i Sörby, 31 juli – 3 aug 2022

Välkommen att berika sommaren med några sköna dagar för dig själv och i gemenskap med andra som vill kombinera ledighet med personligt värde.  Läs vår inbjudan till NVC sommardagar 2022

NVC in Sardinia, 10-17 Sept 2022

Are you longing for an inner and outer adventure? Maybe this NVC event  in Sardinia is something for you. More info nvc-sardinia_english

Come catch the wave! NVC in Greece, Sept 2022

Our dream is to offer a space for a combination of NVC practice with holiday time spent in the company of kindred spirits. Read our invitation to cocreate a holiday with personal value.  Flier Greece September 0922

NVC in Lightness and Depth, Belgium

Now for the 8th time we offer this 10 day program for deepening and integrating NVC.  Welcome to read more and join! https://praatkracht.be/opleidingen/10-days-of-deepening-nvc-with-m-gothlin-and-c-van-bladel/

Sharing NVC with clarity and joy, Italy

Welcome to a 7-day program of training for trainers with Gabriele Grunt and Marianne Göthlin. We will speak English and there will be translation to Italian. April 20-23 and June 15-18 2023  (2 times 3,5 days)  Flyer Sharing NVC, Italy 2023

4 more days of NVC in Lightness and Depth, Belgium

With Corrylaura Van Bladel and Marianne Göthlin. During these days you have an opportunity to boost your NVC awareness and further develop your “daily life” NVC language and skills to apply NVC where you want. https://praatkracht.be/opleidingen/4-more-days-of-nvc-in-lightness-and-depth-2/

International 9-day Training, Austria-Slovenia

Are you up for a memorable experience?  The international intensive trainings are full of learning opportunities and offer a rich pot of inspiration from practicing, exploring and living NVC together. I feel very excited to be part of this upcoming IIT, organized by CNVC, and collaborating with a team I enjoy working with. https://www.cnvc.org/learn/iit/2024-04-19-iit-austria-slovenia