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Simple and yet not easy – NVC deepening practice online

2021-10-16 - 2021-10-17

Keys to enjoy your own powerful voice and contribute to empathic dialogue

2 weekend workshops – 4 days of training with the same group and trainers Gabriele Grunt and Marianne Göthlin

This is an invitation to those of you who already know NVC and would like to practice more in a supportive environment. 

For many of us NVC principles are easy to intellectually understand and yet not simple to embody in challenging daily life situations.  Therefore the focus will be on practice and for you to find your words to a respectful dialogue, where you balance your needs with somebody else’s.    

We invite you to experience NVC as a way to access your own infinite resources of connection and resilience.


Part 1 – 16-17 October 2021

Speaking from self-connection

Themes for attention and practice

  • thankfulness as key inspiration
  • stretch your ability to be honest 
  • finding empowerment through your self-empathy
  • allow your anger to connect you with empathic power
  • trigger awareness and management


Part 2 – 21-22 November 2021 

Empathic dialogue –  mutuality in action

Themes for attention and practice

  • practice to hear the beauty present in all human messages (when you are accused, when someone is angry, when someone says “no”)
  • prepare yourself for an important conversation
  • acting from mutuality – what does it mean?
  • making inclusive requests
  • interrupting with grace  

We strive with this hands-on practice for you to gain fluency in the 3 possibilities for connection – self-empathy, honesty, empathic listening. We will use visfera materials to make the training clear and with variation. 

Our dream is for people to be aware and have skills to contribute to  empathic dialogue – the dance of connection. We will take participants’ requests into account. You are welcome to come dance with us!



Dates: 16-17 October and 20-21 November 2021

Timing: 9:30-11, 11:30-13:00, 14-16 (small break included)

Zoom: link will be sent one day before training 

Pricing: € 400 – 850,-

Language: English


Participants: 15-24

Prerequisite: min 2 days of NVC training


CNVC Certified Trainer Marianne Göthlin, Sweden

Marianne Göthlin, has been practicing and integrating NVC since long and was certified as trainer 1998. Marianne is sharing NVC internationally, is passionate about the mutual process of “living NVC”, and has served as a trainer on IITs together with Marshall Rosenberg. Her engagement now along with offering training and long-term transformative projects, is to provide clear and practical NVC materials to support people in practicing NVC more with ease and joy. 


CNVC Certified Trainer Gabriele Grunt, Austria 

Gabriele Grunt has been working as a trainer with children and adults in various fields for more than 30 years. In her work she enjoys exploring different ways of reaching people, learning and working together – focusing not only on individual learning but on how to enable each of us to transform the structures we live in and that do not serve us towards lived partnership, shared power, new ways of leadership and a more satisfying quality of connection.


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