Marianne Göthlin, Stockholm, Sweden

Teacher, counselor and certified trainer in NVC. I received my teacher degree from The Teacher Institute in Stockholm 1988, after which I began teaching. I taught in the Swedish state school system for 10 years. However, a turning point for me since 1990, which directly influenced the direction of my teaching was training in NVC. I was principally influenced by the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. and one of his earliest certified NVC trainers, Towe Widstrand of Stockholm.

Over the years I have found it extremely interesting and meaningful to learn, understand and integrate NVC in my life. I have continued to explore the possibilities to develop schools and kindergartens based on the NVC-principles together with others. First as a school teacher and part of the pedagogical leadership in a state school in the Stockholm suburb, later as a teacher trainer sharing NVC with staff in many schools, kindergartens and teacher institutes all over Sweden. In 1998 I was part of founding a school built on NVC, a rewarding experience.

I was certified as a trainer in NVC 1998 and have since then offered trainings, lectures, projects in NVC. I also offer counseling and mediation to private persons and at workplaces. The last years I have shared NVC internationally, been a trainer on many IITs and I cooperate with many trainers from different countries.