Time out to tune in, Greece

NVC practice with somatic learning and recreation. Save the date!

Realise your dream to practice NVC skills, exploring ways to harness the deep learning through our bodies, using the surrounding nature to nourish and inspire whilst soaking up the rays of the sun!  More info to come…

NVC in Education, 9-day program 2018-2019, Belgium

Living NVC-values in education

9-day program with Marianne Göthlin and Corrylaura Van Bladel
Start: October 2018
Blabla house for connection in  Laakdal, Belgium
More information on blabla-blabla.be

This 9 day-program is designed for people interested in integrating NVC values in education.  We will practice on creating learning communities that cultivate mutual respect, cooperation, compassionate interactions and engaged learning. Fortsätt läsa “NVC in Education, 9-day program 2018-2019, Belgium”

NVC with children and teenagers, 19-21 Oct 2018, Vienna

Speak up and listen!  NVC with children & teenagers
Workshop with Marianne Göthlin and Gabriele Grunt
October 19 – 21th 2018 – in Vienna

In this workshop you will be supported as a teacher or parent to speak NVC and be a role model for dialogue and understanding. We will focus on finding a balance between clear leadership and taking the children´s point of view into account.   Read more here Speak up and listen

NVC with children and teenagers, 19-21 Oct 2018, Vienna