MariA_portrait1_IMG_3092Här delar jag med mig av mitt intresse för kommunikation och konflikthantering.

With Nonviolent Communication som min främsta inspiration vill jag bidra till att utveckla samverkan och möta ett behov av dialog och empati i samhället.

Marianne Göthlin

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Questions and Answers
Journalist Interview with Towe Widstrand and Marianne Göthlin 1. What is the state of communication in common society in your
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Life-Enriching Education Lab – LEE Lab in Europe
Dear NVC Community, We are pleased and proud to share with you the launch of a new event that will
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Nytt NVC material
Now there is a new material to present, practice and be inspired by the NVC.
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About relationship's importance for learning
Portions here an article that supported me in my teachership. NEL NODDINGS som skrivit den är Professor of Child Education
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A little about how NVC can help in pre-
NVC kan ge en viktig bekräftelse på betydelsen av humanistiska värden och den omsorg som ofta är motivationen till att
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Booklet with NVC introduction for schools
A way of inspiring respectful dialogue in schools. Now available in seven languages.
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Book on conflict management in education,sv
NVC i bok om konflikthantering i professionellt lärarskap
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Education between Dialogue and Monologue
Read Niclas Rowan's article that calls for reflection
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