3-day workshop NVC in Education, Belgium


Speak up and listen!

Communication is for everyone and everywhere, one of our most important life skills. We like for our children to learn both to speak up for themselves and to listen to others.

Let´s practice together and inspire the younger generation from how we speak!

In this workshop you will be supported as a teacher, staff or parent to speak NVC and be a role model for dialogue and understanding. We will practice clear communication which helps rules and agreements work, and deal with situations when agreements are broken, with respect and care.

Learning to listen, learning to speak up for what you need and want, making clear requests, stating your opinion and your personal arguments based in needs, verbalize your dreams, learning from your mistakes without losing self-respect…
are some helpful skills when forming a life-enriching learning atmosphere and guiding basic democracy. Simply for everybody to speak up and listen!

Training in English with translation into Dutch.dig

Trainers: Marianne Göthlin & Corrylaura Van Bladel, CNVC certified trainers