Life-Enriching Education Lab – LEE Lab in Europe

Dear NVC Community,

We are pleased and proud to share with you the launch of a new event that will support NVC in education.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication presents a new offering in the CNVC training line up to further Marshall B. Rosenberg’s commitment to education, the Life- Enriching Education LAB (aka LEE Lab).

In 1999 Marshall led the first NVC in Education meeting in Flagstaff, Arizona, where we both participated. It was an inspiring starting point for many of us to apply a systematic approach to NVC in education. Since that time, many trainers in many countries have done valuable ground work applying NVC in educational settings from preschool up to university level. We now have much to share with each other and with educators everywhere.

In 2015, Sura Hart (with Jean Morrison, Jared Finkelstein, Anniken Poulssen-Beer) worked on the design and pilot of the first LEE Lab which took place July 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Now we look forward to co-creating and co-facilitating the third LEE Lab, in Belgium in April 7-13 2018.

This LEE Lab is created for everybody interested in Life-Enriching Education, including school and kindergarten teachers, child care staff, administrators, counsellors, educators in youth programs, parents, NVC trainers, certification candidates, and practitioners who share the intent to explore and apply NVC values in education.

Our intention with LEE Lab is to:

  • Create a lab environment for lab participants to explore together a set of key questions and topics relevant to their particular field of interest in education
  • Support co-learning and exchange of experience
  • Draw upon the leadership and expertise of a team of certified CNVC trainers who have in-depth experience in the field

Please forward this information to people you imagine being interested in this event. Read more at (under TRAINING, IITs).

Warm regards, Marianne Göthlin and Towe Widstrand, Sweden