NVC in contact with children, 15 March 2014, Gothenburg

Jag hoppas på att träffa både pedagoger och föräldrar den här dagen.
March '14

Gothenburg 15 March 2014

An opportunity for you to meet children, private or professional, and want to train everyday communication that increases opportunities for contact, understanding and empathy between adults and children.

During the day, participants will get the opportunity to understand and explore how NVC can help in interactions with children. NVC provides example guidance on how we can be clear about the boundaries in a way that creates trust in relationships. NVC also emphasizes listening with presence in order to contribute to the contact, such as when different desires and needs are at stake. We practice to communicate what is important for us in a way so kids are encouraged to become independent and at the same time be open to cooperation.

From the contents

  • Motivating kids to do good things without punishment and reward. Learn to express the reasons behind it you ask the child about to arrive and facilitate cooperation.
  • Listen with your presence and acknowledge children in their experiences. Children can not always get what they want, but they have a right to be heard for what they want. Get ready to put into words what you think the child is experiencing.
  • Set boundaries without blame or threaten. Learn to say No and Stop at a contactingly.
  • Expressing praise and appreciation so that it enhances confidence and self esteem.

Operation: We assume NVCS values ​​and model and examines how NVC can help to clarify and contacts in various everyday situations on the basis of the content above. Theory and practice are alternated, and participants have the opportunity to work with their own examples.

Leaders: Marianne Göthlin – educator and a certified trainer in NVC

Time: Lørdag 15 March 2014 at 9-16

Local: Repslagarevägen farm, Repslagaregatan 5, Gothenburg

Cost: 1200:-. For companies / org will be VAT. The price includes tea, coffee. Lunch takes with him, or go to restaurang.

Notification: To info@skolande.se . After registration you will receive an email with info about payment etc..

For info: Contact Marianne Göthlin marianne@cnvc.se 0704215561

Link to pdf with invitation NVC Barn Gbg