Book on conflict management in education,sv

Jag har medverkat med ett kapitel om NVC i en bok som heter: Conflict in professional teachership. Here you can read the contents of the book's back. The book can be purchased at Gleerups publishers.

Conflict is a natural part of everyday life at school – to meet and deal with conflicts instead require specific knowledge and training. If social interaction in a conflict handled well can the conflict be an opportunity to train themselves to express their own thoughts, discuss different perceptions and interpretations, reflect on their own and others' participation, and to think through the interaction process.

Research also shows that when teachers learn about conflict management, they need not spend as much time handling conflicts and to discipline. That in turn means that the time for learning increases. So how should a teacher deal with the conflicts that arise in school so they can be good learning opportunities?

Conflict in the professional teaching knowledge includes both theoretical and experiential knowledge and can be seen as an orientation in the field of knowledge. The authors assume that approach fits well with the dialectic of knowledge and value systems that are enrolled in the school's mission.

The book is intended primarily for student teachers and teacher trainers as well as practicing teachers at different levels, for recreation and school leaders.

All participating authors are working daily with the conflict, theoretical and / or practical. Participating in the book is Ilse Hakvoort, Bridget Friberg, Marianne Göthlin, Towe Widstrand, Pat Patfoort and Arja Kostiainen.

Editors of the book is Ilse Hakvoort, university lecturer in Pedagogik, works at the University of Gothenburg, and Bridget Friberg, consultant and lecturer, works at the University of Applied Sciences, Gothenburg.